CRM Solution:

CRM is a Small Medium Enterprise solution from Metaplore Systems. Along with our Data management outsourcing services, CRM is a compelling proposition for After sales service companies which help them manage after sales service effectively.

Our existing customers have achieved fast ROI and continue to benefit from CRM.

CRM is an after-sales service management solution that helps ‘product – after sales services companies’ to capitalize on the changing trends like -

  • Huge variation in environment
  • Huge increase in number of brands
  • Huge increase in install base

At the same time addressing –

  • Service Contract Attrition
  • Engineer productivity
  • High cost of service / inventory leakage

Service Management:

  • Lock Service Requests (SR’s)
  • Assign Service Requests
  • Track and Maintain SLA’s
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Track Current Machine Status and History
  • Track Broken and Callback complaints
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance (PM) Requests
  • Track Pending PM Requests
  • Track Engineer’s Performance

  • Contract Management:

  • Track Expiry / Status of contracts
  • Such as Liability, Period
  • Track Total Contract Value vs Direct Liabilities
  • SMS / Email Alerts
  • Outstanding Statements
  • Offer conversion Ratio
  • Payment Tracking
  • Integration with Finance

  • Inventory Management:

  • Track spares consumed against a machine
  • Track cost center wise receipts and issues
  • Cost Effect Window
  • Reorder / Max / Min Level
  • Reports
    • ABC Analysis
    • Stock statement, summary

  • Reports:

  • Service Management Reports
    • Pending Service requests
    • Engineer Performance Reports
    • Preventive Maintenance Reports
  • Contract Management Reports
    • Collection Outstanding Statement Reports
    • Pending AMC reports
    • Offers conversion ratio reports
  • Inventory Management Reports
    • Machine wise spare consumption
    • Inventory stock report
    • ABC Analysis
    • Mn / Max level
    • Reorder level